The homecoming

The weather got progressively more misty as we crossed into France, developing into full blown drizzle by the time we reached St Pancras.

As we were winging our way across the continent, Radio Nottingham were broadcasting a short interview that I had recorded from the hotel in Brusssels- at this link at about 2hrs 19 into the programme.

I snuggled into my winter jacket, to be met at the Eurostar exit at St Pancras by Viv, sleeveless in her summer top. Perhaps I was taking a slightly over-cautious approach to the challenges of British summer weather.

After a nice catch up fuelled by Pain Quotidien muffins, chocolate spread and coffee, we were on our way to the East Midlands- on time!

We had taken the liberty of ordering our first first class ticket of the trip, and for our troubles were rewarded with broken internet and no heating. The winter jacket came out again, and the rain started to build as we passed into the Midlands.


Passing Attenborough Ponds- “the suburbs of Beeston”- I could scarcely contain my excitement. The rain was lashing down by then.


And we were here- in Beeston- with a bunch of lovely Geographers waving from the end of the platform! Right next to the Vic….

Finally…..a taste of the delicious Harvest IPA…

And an afternoon of settling back into my office- something looks a little different…

20160819_152015116_iOS 1


and of catching up with everyone- HELLO NOTTINGHAM!



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